cactuarina .
Hai I'm Jena. I'm 21 years old, captain of the SSV Normandy and a l'cie on the run. This is my story.
→ Anonymous whispered : aww that sucks >.< have you seen or heard from him since?

Yeah, we’ve hung out a couple of times since, and met up at that dress up party in the weekend. He apologized but tbh, I’m still so confused about that whole situation. -.-

→ Anonymous whispered : what happened? >.<

Ugh, I got stood up for a date. Didn’t get a message in advance to let me know they weren’t going to come.

People are annoying.

Not gonna lie, feel pretty hurt right now. Got ditched without even a hint of a message. Several unanswered txt messages later and I’m still sitting here alone.